How to make money online in India for students

How to make money online in India for students

How to make money online in india for students

In student life, every student wants to pocket money for him shopping. But they can not do a job while studying. So today I am going to give you information about how to make money online in India for students.
How to make money online in india for students
How to make money online in india for students
By the way, friends, there are many ways to make money online from where you can earn more and more, even you can increase your work online as a business and earn more money, but the problem is that online 2019 has become very competitive for earning money, so we may have to face a lot of competition in 2019 and 2020 to earn money online, but in this way you want more hard work.

Apply these 10 works to make money online in india

  1. Reselling
  2. Facebook watch
  3. Micro niche blogging
  4. Affiliate marketing
  5. Freelancing
  6. Youtube
  7. E book selling
  8. Domain selling
  9. Article writing
  10. Video course selling


By doing this reselling online business, you can earn very good money. This is an online way through which you can make maximum money. Reselling online business is the best online business in 2019 to 2020 year. The best way to make money online is by which you can earn more and more money online from home.
There is not much competition in this business, this is an online work with very low competition, which can be very beneficial in 2020, but you have to take this business as soon as possible.
The biggest advantage of reselling online work is that you do not have to invest a rupee to do this online business. You can do this reselling business at home with zero investment. So you have to work hard and make money
To make money online, reselling is available from many companies, which gives us the opportunity to resell like the company named Meesho comes at the top. Meesho is availabel from app. You can download from google play store and start today make money online. In glowroad too, you can earn money online just like Meesho.
Glowroad reselling is available through the app. Which you can download from the play store on your mobile and start a business. Here as soon as you open the glowroad app, a lot of products come in front of you, you have to share those products on online social media platforms and sell the product. The process of earning money in glowroad is similar to Meesho.

2#-Facebook watch

Friends, this is also started in 2019 online work with very little competition. Here you can make money online very easily. Facebook Watch is a Facebook program that is YouTube Alternative. Just like you can make money online by putting videos on YouTube, now we can upload videos on Facebook Watch, and make money online.
To join Facebook Watch you first have to create a Facebook page. Only then can you work for Facebook Watch. After joining the Facebook page, you have to upload videos here, which should not be copyrighted, you can also share your skills or through the video. As your videos become more watch time, and 10,000 plus page likes, you become eligible to earn money from the Facebook watch.
Advertising begins on videos you have shared on Facebook Watch. The one who gives you money till the advertisement starts on your videos, you cannot earn from the Facebook watch without start ads, so read the Facebook guidelines to know how the advertisement starts on your video uploaded to Facebook.

3#-Micro niche blogging

Microniche blogging is a type of blogging. In microniche, you have to work on any one keyword. Like jio Giga fiberIn this way, you have to choose any high searches and low competition keywords. And micro niche blogging has to be started.
Microniche blogging has very low competition keywords. Here you can earn more money in less work and time.

Monatise your microniche blog website

Monetize the created microniche blog website with any ad network. Such put advertises of AdSense on website. Visited visitors click on ads and you get money of clicked ad
In the era of competition, you can start microblogging and earn a very good sitting at home.

4#-Affiliate marketing

Friends, In affiliate marketing, you have to market ing the products of any e-commerce (online selling) websites. Meaning that we have to share the links of their products on different online platforms.
As soon as a visitor buys the product by clicking on the shared product’s link, then that online selling company pays you commission, in the same way, we can do the affiliate marketing of companies like Amazon, Flipkart, in addition, there are many other online products which we Can do affiliate marketing.
Like as hosting provider you can do affiliate marketing of any posting. If there is any online software such as bluestack then you can also do affiliate marketing of bluestack and make money.

How to affiliate marketing

Friends, how to do affiliate marketing? And how to join this online work? To join affiliate marketing, you have to visit any eCommerce website or online product website. From where you can share the link of their product after joining their affiliate program
Just like if you choose Amazon for affiliate marketing, first you have to join the affiliate program of Amazon. At the bottom of the Amazon website, the footer has the option to join the affiliate program. Where you can join by clicking. After joining the affiliate program, you can earn money by sharing the link of their products on WhatsApp or any other social network like Facebook or if you have a website then you can share on website also.
As soon as a visitor clicks on the affiliate link you have shared, and buy and product then you earn money. The e-commerce company pays you a commission. May be this is best way for students to make money online in india.


Friends, you can also earn very good online by doing freelancing, this is the best way to earn money online. People are making a lot of online money by doing freelancing. If you also want to earn money sitting at home, then freelancing can be the best way to earn money online in india.
If you have a good skill, then you can earn money by working online and it has become freelancing. Just like you can write good articles, then you can earn money by providing service of article writing on freelancing.

How to join freelancing online

To join Freelancing online you have to visit some of the best websites. Like, fiverupwork. This is a website that can provide you the work of freelancing. Here you have to create your profile and add your skills, and if you want to get money by giving his service, you can also add it. As you write an article for $ 5, you have to fix your rate of $ 5, as soon as the orders start coming to you, your earning starts.


Skill is the most important thing. If you have good skills, you can earn money from anywhere, and to earn online, You need very good skills. To make money on YouTube, you have to make videos and share them on YouTube. As soon as a thousand subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time are complete, you can put advertise Google Adsense on your videos. As soon as any viewer clicks on the advertisement, you start getting money. This way you can earn money online from YouTube.
In india, there are many youtubers earn money from youtube. If you have any skills such as you are best actor, you can drawing best, you can teach best and if you can cook best, upload video and start teachng on youtube.
How to make money online in india for students

7#-E-book selling

You can earn money online by selling any service through a E- book. Which we have to convert to PDF, it is called e-Book. In the e-book, as if you have a very good SEO improving skill, you can convert that SEO course into pdf by writing it. And you can sell online at fixed price.

8#-Domain (.com, .net etc) selling

Domain selling It has become a very good business. Here you have to buy and sell the product. But here you have to buy products online, which call domains? such as .com, .net, .in. You have to buy such top-level domain and sell. You can sell domains like on websites

9#- Become an article writer

If you have the skill to write an article, and you can write a very good article, then you can also earn very well by becoming an online article writer. You have to publish your writing, to your own blog website or you can contact any big website and tell them that I can write the article. If they need an article, then you will definitely give the job of article writing. In this way, you can earn money by doing online jobs.

10#- Sell video course online

If you are a teacher, you can make a lot of money by working online. Because in digital time everyone wants to study from home. In this way, you can make videos of studies and sell them online. As the trust of students increases on you. Earnings start to be more and more.


There all are the best online works for you. If you work hard then you can make online money very easily. You can do the best online work reselling, freelancing, microniche blogging and more in India. After you can earn good money.
I hope you liked this information on how to make money online in India for students. So please share with your friends and family members to make money online. 😍
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Multitask Appropriately :daily complete your task and doing your time to multiask
Be Accessible:When you work remotely, your employer, clients or customers need to trust that you are working on their behalf as they expect you to


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3D ModellingIllustrationWordPress
C# ProgrammingProofreadingPhotoshop
Link Building3D AnimationLogo Design
ResearchContent WritingHTML

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How to make money online in India for students

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